Impromptu family walk

This afternoon, we took a rain check - literally, and packed our backpacks with wet weather gear!

We'd decided that we needed to get out the house and the children wanted to walk along a river that we've not walked before. So we loaded the car, ventured out and parked at Bishops Stortford Train station to follow the river down to Sawbridgeworth. 

It's an easy to follow flat walk of around 5.5 miles, with a perfectly placed pub, The Three Horseshoes at the mid-way point at Spellbrook. It's a lovely pub and although we didn't eat, the menu looked tantalising. There is a lovely garden too which was a blessing as the clouds had parted to blue skies and the temperature had risen to 26 degrees Celsius!

The route follows the meandering river and as you would expect there are bridges and locks to watch the boats negotiate.The colours streaming through the willow trees shed parts in a vibrant yellow. and the falling blossom settling upon the water made for a beautiful pool. There were highland cattle in the adjoining fields and nature aplenty.

We soon made it to Sawbridgeworth station and for a family of 4, the train ticket back to the car was less than £7.00 and the journey took but a few minutes.