Animal Photography

Pet portraiture is a very popular area of photography. If your pets are anything like ours, then they are  an extension of the family only 4 legged... and as such, having lasting memories of your furbabies is a natural must.

As with humans, being relaxed is priority and as such I am very happy to visit you in your home with a pop-up studio to capture your pets and you at play or in a posed scenario. Alternatively why not bring them on a Walk with me shoot for a bit of action.

For working animals in the field, the scenario is completely different. They are trained for a purpose and as such look majestic fulfilling their duties. Probably best shown off on a game shoot, and with permission of the land owner, and keeper in charge of the shoot I will gladly follow you and the guns. 

It may also be a great opportunity for the guns to have a photo memento of the day.